I just accessed my prior running curriculum, the Couch to 5K program.  I ran it earlier this year with my students, culminating in a 5K in June.  Since then, I’ve hung up my Asics, spent a little time this summer on the treadmill and stairmaster, but essentially wandered aimlessly around the gym looking for something to do.  Meanwhile, since I gave up teaching PE (not my wish, actually), and started teaching English, I also gave up the passion for healthy living.  I’ve gained 10+ pounds, have been sitting around grading papers, and generally started feeling sorry for myself.  My marriage of 13 years has ended, and I have no direction.

Enter the CT5K.  Again.  I called my gf Kim, and we started week 1 a few weeks ago.  Today, I will be finishing week 2 on my own, since she was sick, and I was out of town for Thanksgiving.  We have a race that we are looking at in San Mateo in early January, and since I now have a partner to run with, I should be able to re-focus.  Running does that for me.

I remember running with my Dad around Hughes Jr. High when I was a kid, and we’d always sprint toward home.  I’m generally lazy, but I must remember my mantra to my former PE students:  You have to start somewhere, and if you stop, you’re starting from scratch again.
Consider me starting from scratch.  I’m going to run to my soon-to-be-ex-husband’s house, and pick up my kids.  They can walk back with me.  It’s only 2 miles.  Think they’ll complain much??


5 thoughts on “Running, Again

  1. So…you are, as they say, re-inventing yourself. It will be difficult (why pull any punches?), but not impossible. You will not only survive, but thrive. Best wishes, my friend.

  2. hey miss.v wow its been a while how time has flied lol how r u we really miss u and i dont think we are as fit as 7th grade we need ur butts and guts lol (= well im gonna go 2 mcdonalds i mean umm… im gonna get a salad hahaha

    miss u lots,

    selina fuentes

  3. Hi Selina!!! Wow, Butts & Guts. Doesn’t that seem like a long time ago???

    McDonalds. Salad. Good stuff, girl. How is school?

  4. Hi, mrs. v!!!!!! i miss you sooo much!!! yeah, selina iz right! we need butts & gutts BACK!! b-cuz im starting basketball again, & i can tell that i am really out of shape!!! plus last trimester i got a B in p.e & i think that its b-ciz of my mile timez!!!! well e-mail me sumtime cuz i havent emailed you in a while!!! Oopz my bad

  5. Kaley, are you still blogging? I am in week four of Couch to 5K and it’s going great!!! Take care!

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