We thought we would run in the early morning today because our 5K next Sunday is at 8am.  I was very happy, cruising after 5 minutes.  I couldn’t believe that just 8 short weeks ago, we were panting after a 1.5 minute run.  We ran 28 minutes, 2.5 miles.  That’s an 11:12 pace, which is pretty great for this gal. 

We have a planned Almond Blossom Run at the end of February, and today she told me she wanted to do the Nike Half Marathon in October.  Okay, I’m good with a 5K.  I MAYBE could finish a 10K, with a lot of training.  But, a Half?  Of a Marathon? 

~~edit–it’s sold out!  🙂

Surely, she jests.

Here was my cruising song today. 



Something about patriotic music gets me pumping.  Makes me feel so alive.  Plus, I think of my nephew in the first gulf war on the USS Kitty Hawk, and it sort of gets me to stop whining in my head about how my body hurts.

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