3 Miles, 32 minutes.

Is it really a 10:40 pace?  I cannot believe it.  It feels good to run again, but a bit harder after all day teaching PE!  I had really bad shin splints last night, but they are gone today.  Yay for the body!

4 thoughts on “3 Miles

    (i think i spelled ur name wrong ,sorrY!)
    High school is AWESOME!!!
    we have way more options and i am loving my classes!!!
    also my chemistry teacher reminds me of u & so does my pe teacher, lol.

    my chemistry teacher, Mr. Unterholzner (lol), has the same personalities as u
    it’s freaky but also funny
    we were learning about the MOLE & then he started playing the mole song 2 us

    remember when u used 2 play songs 4 us? LOL

    i think that the 2 of u will get along

    & then my pe teacher, Mr. Hobby, also has the same personality as u. he makes us run & always say NO WHINING, lol

    all the other kids from Lathrop or Brock Elliot says that he’s hard but he’s not @ ALL!!!
    that’s cuz we got u in 7th & 8th grade as our pe teacher WOOT WOOT!!
    PE is basically wut we did in 7th & 8th grade all over again
    IT’S SO EASY!!!

    i feel like taking ALL the classes in sierra cuz they’re all so fun!!!

    so yea we’ve been doing great but i kinda hate it wen the kids ask us which school we came from, & then wen we saw VERITAS they’ll be like, “Wut’s Veritas,” or, “Where’s Veritas,” but i guess they can’t help it since it is/was a new school.

    Oh & have u heard tat ALL manteca & lathrop schools are going 2 a MODIFY TRACK???

    it is DUMB!!!
    sum ppl have been petitioning & the parents r extremely mad about it. I am 2! i hate modify track. we get no summer break but we get a 2 week vacation every month.

    Oh yea, in English we wrote buisness letters and sent them 2 our dream schools. it was so cool!! I sent mine to UCLA (YEA)!!
    & after a few weeks i got a letter back wit a brochure of the campus (DOUBLE YEA)!!!!!!!
    & a few weeks l8r i got a letter from UC TENNESSEE!!! yea & then several universities/colleges came 2 sierra & handed out brochures but they didn’t have UCLA or UOP but i grabbed sum brochures anyway LOL

    so wut have u been up 2?
    sorry 4 writing so much but i’m just excited & YEA i am the 1st 1 2 comment on this pg!!!

    ok bye mrs. vermeulen
    & have a great year!!!

  2. Natalie, it’s so GOOD to hear from you!! It sounds like you’re doing great. UCLA huh? That’s a great school!! I’m not in Manteca Unifed anymore, but I’m teaching PE, so I’m really happy…

    Take care and keep in touch!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve run through many colds and getting that first 5k out of the way will do wonders for your future running/racing. So I’m inclined to say “run through it”. Sometimes the best I feel all day is during the morning run. Good luck!

  4. Hey omg! I thought I would never hear from you again. High School is awesome!
    I’m taking chemistry freshmen year!
    I could not have done it without you.
    The periodic table is still the same lol.
    So hows the new job?
    I miss your classes 🙂
    P.E. just isnt the same without u

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