I’m all about the music, and this was a great song to run to.  Can you name the TV songs in this??  It’s a Stars on 45 TV Theme Song, but I really only hear Kung Fu Fighting and The Good Bad and the Ugly.  You?  M*A*S*H too.



In any event, it was on my playlist, and I enjoyed it.  We did 3 miles in 31:11.    A 10:22 pace.  Thanks to one of the running blogs that I read, Downeast Runner, I ran even though I have a sore throat, and am achy.  I taught 6 classes of PE today in the cold (for California), and then ran with my partner.  We both complained of being sick, but we were going to do it anyway, and run through the pain.  I had about 12 lozenges today, some soup and an apple.  I was a bit hot, but realized I had to take off my hat halfway through the run. 

On our walk afterward, I was dizzy, but happy happy happy.  Finally I had to lay (lie?) down.  Kim says to me, “Hey, don’t worry about it, you’re 15 years older than me.”  Okay, so I’m 49.  The fierce competition was awakened in me at that moment.

She is one of my favorite people, but hey, she was taunting me.  🙂

Game on, Sister.

3 thoughts on “Game On

  1. Hello mrs. vermeulen!!!
    high school is great again!

    & are u in a track team or sumin cuz u’ve been running a LOT lately!!!!

    & yea UCLA is MY dream school. I’ll probably c my frndz there but if i get accepted 1st i’m gonna rub it in their face!! HA HA HA!!!

    Oh & guess wut?!?!?!

    I got my PINK SLIP!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
    I know tat i’m not ready 2 drive yet but right now my parents & my bro r teaching my off-road & on-road. It’s so cool, even tho i already know the basics, lol.

    & another thing, I’m gonna start my 1st job soon!! Right now i’m just gonna work @ the easy places like JAMBA JUICE, SUBWAY, In-n-Out, or STARBUCKS & if u visit i may even give u a discount LOL!!!

    so yea

    so i guess Mr. Shen was right,
    the best part of lige is when ur a teenager

    ok so take care & watch urself while running
    I’M ROOTING 4 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Natalie, I like a one-pump extra shot nonfat latte…grande size.

    Thanks kiddo! That is so exciting, and yes HAVE A BALL!!!

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