First 5K in 23 years


9:02 pace



There’s a reason I’m linking this song today.  I started off really fast, in fact, I had to run around people.  I went along this way for 7 or 8 minutes.  Then I hit the wall at 1.75 K.  From then on, my partner, Kim was ahead of me most of the way.  She stopped once, came back, and it messed with my head.  At this point, I just wanted to finish.  At .5K to go, I was good.  I was getting stronger.  As we came around the last turn, and I could see the finish line, this girl comes up on the left of me and the Jet song comes on.  I started sprinting.  She started sprinting.  We were neck and neck at the finish line, and she went ahead.  We were laughing, and high fiving.  The song motivated me.

I heard someone call out 28 minutes.   I’ve never been happier.  Not only did I finish, but at 48 years old, that’s record time for me.  The last time I ran (not counting the 5K for my students this year)? 1985.

We did the Sawyer Camp Trail Run in San Mateo CA.  I’m so proud of my partner, Kim.  She did an 8:24 pace.  We couldn’t stop talking about it, and I’m sure I won’t stop talking about it here. 


3 thoughts on “1985 ain’t so far away…

  1. WHOA!!!
    Mrs. V!!!!!
    u ran a 5k mile in just 28 minutes?!?!?!?!?!
    TAT IS GREAT 4 U!!!!!

    U must be REALLY fit, LOL!!!
    TAT IS AWESUM!!!!!! Especially @ ur age
    i bet u were swishing pass ppl & saying


    & yea if i work @ Starbucks I’ll get u ur
    1-pump extra shot nonfat latte; GRANDE SIZE!

  2. I’m not fit Nat, but I’ll take that Starbucks.

    Remember doing the 5K???

    Wait, what do you mean “at my age!!!”

    Someone did actually pass me, well lots did, but I think a 9:02 is quite a respectable pace!! Thanks for your comment!!

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