Song for yesterday’s run:   01-dream-on.m4a

I love running to old rock, slow at times.  Feels like I’m floating, and this one was my first mile.  Good times.

Running with a partner is easier.

Why is this?  Why, when I run with Kim, am I committed to keep going, to push through the tough breathing or the harder part of the course?

Yesterday, I ran 3 miles by the Jack Tone Golf bike course.  I kept saying to myself, *Okay, you can stop at the next curve*, and did that the whole run.  I actually only stopped one time, so I did an okay pace, 10.29.

You can view my pace and route here.  I just found Runner’s World Training Logs, and I like the site a lot.  (This post is edited.  This morning, I was using Buckeye Outdoor Training, but switched over.)

So, I went by Kim’s on the way back, and was talking about this thing about having a partner.  I would have never made it through Couch to 5K without one.  No way.  I would have stopped, oh about week 5.

I sure wish I could motivate myself.

My next plan is to do the Emerald Across The Bay 12K in March.  Lisa, from Nebraska will be flying in the day before.  She’s lost 100 pounds this last year, and is a treadmiller, and is planning the Boulder run.  I haven’t seen her since July, and thought it would be fun.

I downloaded the training module, and don’t really know if I could run the whole 12K, what with just coming off of shin splints, but it looks like fun, and I could surely do half of it.

3 thoughts on “It’s so much easier running with a partner.

  1. I have been using Buckeye too and I agree with you, not sure it’s the greatest. I think I’ll check out Runners World for a different idea!

  2. Renae, I just left you a comment regarding this. I switched over as you were typing, and edited my post. Check out the links!!

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