Date: 2/11/2008 10:45 AM
Type: Easy
Course: South Highland Vera
Distance: 3.22 miles
Duration: 34:00
Pace: 10:34 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight:  🙂
Weather: Sunny


I love some Creedence Clearwater.  This song had me feeling pretty good in the first mile of the run.  I went a little further to South Highland.  I’m trying to get over my mind trip of running alone, while Kim recovers from pneumonia.  So, after mile two, I stop for two minutes.  Yes, I counted it in my performance for the day.  As I started running again, all I could think about was the tangerine tree on Vera and 4th street.  I had taken a tangerine the day before after that run, and it was marvelous.  Juice, dripping down my hands, all over me.  Sweat.  You know the drill.  Glorious.

So, after this run, I grabbed two tangerines.  At this point, I realized I’m stealing.  But, hey I figured this homeowner wouldn’t mind.  It started to nag at me.  So, later on in the day I decided I would go apologize and offer her some money for these three tangerines.

I knocked on her door.  I was uuber proud of myself, saying things in my head like, “I’m such a good person.  I know she’ll offer me some more.  No.  No.  I’m a good person.”

After I explained the tangerine steal to this elderly woman, she said, “Oh, no worries.  Whatever tangerines are on the street side are for anyone.”  I didn’t explain that I had to practically scale her fence to get them. 

Anyway, we were getting along so well, I thought I’d ask…”Well, can I bring my ladder over to get the ones on the street side?”

 Her reply:  “No, we don’t want to start that.”

I was humiliated.  Got in my car.  Guess that’s the last of those sweet sweet treats, because there aren’t any more within reach.  What I need is a tall friend…


3 thoughts on “Tangerines

  1. of course, the one time in life someone is honest, you get denied… denied by sweet old grandma… keep on running.

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