I found this run in my town on Runner’s World.  So, I attempted it.  It was over two overpasses…the catwalk and the overpass on the other side of town.  As I went over Highway 99, Paula Cole’s Cowboy song came on.  I always hear this song on my shuffle, no matter when I run.  It’s like it’s programmed to play it.  I actually love running to it.  Somehow it inspires me.   Like, there isn’t just one cowboy in the world.  Huh.

So here are my random thoughts for tonight’s run:


(running by Senior Center):  *wow, look at that lady.  i need to take really good care of myself for the next 40 years or so, since i’ve treated my body mostly like crap for the first half.*

(running on Main Street):  *hey, is that lady flipping me off?  no, i think she’s wagging her finger at me.  is it because i crossed in the middle of traffic?  well, hey.  the light was red.  sorry.*

(running by Starbucks):  *i wish my favorite barista would come out and give me some water, dangit.*

livestock_pb_sml.jpg(getting ready to go over the catwalk):  *i gotta get rid of these sunglasses.  it’s sunset.  hey, i’ll just put them right here and get them tonight at the aa meeting.  okay.  how do i get across, and will it slow me down? wow, that’s a truck down there.*

(catwalk): *look, i’m on top of the catwalk.  hey running up is hard.  running down is better.*

(cemetary): *run faster*


(by the overpass):  *get off your cell phone, and look up!  i have to cross!*

(on 2nd street):  *i can make it.  i can.*

I did.  I did it in a pretty good time, and floating to Paula Cole…the 70 degree weather…fabulous!

Date: 3/3/2008 5:40 PM
Type: Hill
Course: Overpasses
Distance: 3.07 miles
Duration: 31:43
Pace: 10:20 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 🙂
Weather: 70° F, Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 418
VO2 Max: 28.4

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