Chick Rock Rocks…

Today, for the first time in a long time, I used my original iPod.  That’s the one with ALL the music on it.  You can tell it’s an oldie because the jack is in the middle. 


I have an iPhone, 3 shuffles for running (and my kids have one), and the 40G iPod is my home stereo.

On it, I have my Running workout which is crazy and faster.  My workout music is my old elliptical, weightlifting music.  To be honest, I got quite bored with it a while ago, and then always wore the shuffle.   Today, I wasn’t in the mood to run, really.  I have two runs planned tomorrow and Thursday before the 12K on Sunday.

So, I fired up the old one, and did what Runner’s World calls *Other Activity*.  I can tell my lungs are different now.  I’m much faster on the elliptical, at a 7.0 speed, whereas before running, 5.5 was a challenge.

My first song:   Rocked my world.


Enjoy a little Christina

Then Sheryl Crow, Pink, Fergie.  I was jamming and singing (outloud).  I was behind a row of dudes with gray hair, but hey, that’s my demographic now.  Heh.

I did wall squats, push-ups, modified planks, crunches.  Man, that felt good.

4 thoughts on “*Other Activity*

  1. Geesh, if nothing else you can have a fire sale on ipods!!!

    Good for you for getting to the gym!

    See you soon……….
    As always,

  2. Ready, is one ever really ready to run 7.45 freakin miles?

    I guess….Me and Jerry said a little prayer for you this morning. Now go and kick some ass!

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