The Gymnotes Blog is a year old.  It started as a lark.  Then, I began to communicate with students with it.  I read English Teacher blogs because I was an English Teacher.  Scratch that.  Then PE Teacher blogs, then running blogs. 

Now, I track my progress here.

Date: 3/21/2008 6:30 AM
Type: Easy
Course: Overpasses
Distance: 3.07 miles
Duration: 31:00
Pace: 10:06 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 🙂
Weather: Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 411
VO2 Max: 29.2

Happy Birthday to me?

It was a beautiful run this morning, with the moon full.  Those two runners running over Highway 99?  That was us.  Nice way to start the day.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Blog

  1. I’ve been away from my computer for days. Coming home today…Haven’t run since last Wednesday! What will happen to me?

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