Beautiful, sunny Sacramento morning.  Quick cup of coffee and granola, a G2, and three trips to the loo, and I was good to go.

I was in the top 21% of my age range (14/67), and I’m excited to turn 50, so that I can get an even better ranking!  I’m a little disappointed that I only shaved off 10 seconds of the 5K.  I claim strollers and walkers were the problem.  We were in the back to start, and it took awhile to weave around everyone.  There were no iPods, and I had to just remind myself how beautiful the park and zoo were.  I did a 10:13 first mile, and I was fine.  The second mile was fabulous, and the third one was a struggle the whole way. 

I kept trying to run in front of this pony-tailed shadow, and finally she lost me or I lost her.  Kim was FAR ahead of me, which was okay.  I was thrilled to finish.  We went into the Zoo, watched the awards ceremony, and then went to breakfast. 

 There really is a therapy component to our running.  During the week, we try to do our 5 minute therapy session before our run, and since we weren’t able to run this week, no therapy!  Sacramento is 70 miles away, so we got in all out of our systems.


5K cheers:  New~~wearing a timing chip.  Felt like a runner.


5K jeers:  A 7 year old sprinted past me in the chute.


Quick and dirty stats:


Linda Vermeulen Ripon CA



14 F 45-49





It was a great time.  The official link is to the right. 

6 thoughts on “Sacramento Zoo Zoom

  1. Yeah that kinda sucks when some one shoots past you in the chute!!
    so really, no ipods? I would have died. Well maybe not for a 5k, but I will dq if I can’t have my ipod at the Bolder Boulder!

  2. Check the website and they should tell you. I put the 7 year old bit up so you could gloat a bit. Is it all out of your system now?


  3. Oh it says no music…It always has but my GF that has ran it 5 times always uses it and they never DQ her, she said a lot of people have the ipods and such.

    Did you see anyone with ipods?

  4. Well, yeah, but they took them off once the guy announced no iPods. Actually, when in Rome…

    It wasn’t too bad, but I’m looking for races that don’t have that now. I just think you do it if they ask it.

    I would hate to be DQ’d anyway.

  5. re: the jeers….I did a 5k in November and felt like every time I looked up, I was getting smoked by another kid!!
    You did great!!

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