I’m home, tidying up, packing for a Cub Scout weekend with two boys and my separated, soon-to-be-divorced husband.  Yeah, we are all camping in one tent this weekend.   Thank God the tent is as big as my front yard.


So, I’m making beds, and happened to turn on the TV, so I could make sure The Soup gets taped…DVR’d…whatever tonight.  I happen to see this soap opera.  I think it’s Days of our Lives.  Now, mind you, I was an ABC snob…All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital…in college I planned my classes around no Fridays to see the soap before the weekend. 


So, here are some snippets:

A guy named Patch is about to sleep with this girl…in walks his girlfriend? wife? and she is not mad, she says she is not leaving.  He says to the girl…YOU PLANNED THIS!  Puts on his pants, denies he was going to sleep with her.  Oh, did I say he has a Patch on his eye?

Marlena, I think I remember her.  She’s at her husband’s house while he is waiting for his date to arrive and she says Married People Don’t Date.  BTW, she’s wearing some kind of sparkly toga thing.


Daytime TV.  No wonder they created Reality Shows.


Oh, and I ran 2.6 this morning at a 10:38 pace.  I need to get my mojo back.  Another 5K in a few weeks.


Off to the campgrounds…

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