Credential Hunt once again.
K-12 Multiple SubjectsPupil Personnel ServicesSingle Subject EngishLimited PE Credential

NCLB in Health, Home Ec, PE, English, Science


It’s that time of year again folks.  Yes, time to play Wheel of Fortune with my credentials.  Spin the wheel, which one shall I use?  I had a great phone interview today…with a follow up live interview Friday morning. 


I’m almost overly credentialed, and boring myself with the constant jump-jump-jumping from job to job in order to keep a PE position.  2003-current:  I have always had a *finger* in the PE pie.  Well, guess what?  I just lost my NEW job due to not having the right credential. During the phone interview, which is teaching Continuation High School, the director mentioned that PE might be useful.  I perked up.  So, maybe it’s not over quite yet.


I need to find a place to land.  And stay there for awhile (Crap, I’ve started sentences with *and*, and overused my ellipses…)  I need to get off of that question mark on the Wheel.  Time to grow up.  I’m almost 50, for goodness sake.


*sigh*  Doris Day…a different time

I’ve had the wicked flu, so haven’t run since last Wednesday, with a run this Saturday.  Still feeling peaked and under the weather.  Maybe in a day or so…

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