*Here is an excerpt from my supe as to why I didn’t get my PE job.

There are two considerations of credentialing. Having a credential, and
content authorization within the credential. Because your position is
funded through a grant, a specific requirement is the position to be
filled by a teacher fully qualified to teach P.E. This year, we moved
funding around to make it work for all three new teachers funded under
this grant.



That’s just part of it.  My thought:  How come I could teach it in January then?  Weren’t we under the same grant then?


*Why does it feel like I’ve never run when I run the first time after the flu?

It was like week 2 of Couch to 5K.  Like I was some NEWBIE runner; couldn’t even get up over the overpass like Kim, so had to run into the gym, do the treadmill and elliptical until she got done with her 2 miles, whereupon I met up with her for the rest of the run.  I’m a wimp.


*I’m doing a lot of dating, but no marriage proposals yet.

School districts have 300 people applying for k-6 positions.  How much luck will this older (not old, older) woman have against, say…a 24 year old who wants to teach PE?  Not much, I’m afraid.


*Going Gray

So I tell Wayne I can’t afford to color my hair.  We agree that I should try to go gray.  It’s been this way for a week.  My mother, when she saw me today says, “Absolutely not.  You will find a way to pay for it.”  Yeah, Mom.  Right after I try to pay my mortgage by myself.


*Happy Thought.  Tonight, THE OFFICE.


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