Tomorrow, in the wilds of Ripon, a 5K…they SAY it’s a gorgeous track.   But I’ve run this so-called beautiful street and the only flat part is in the very middle of the street.


Good cause and all.  I’ll be there.


Meanwhile, my friend Heidi’s son Justin…11 years old…fights for his life against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in UCSan Francisco.  He was fine on Monday, she noticed bruising, and now he is one sick kid.  He is in my son’s grade.  Lukas said in true fourth grade form, “Man, that stinks.”

Yes, it most certainly does.

One thought on “Heavy Heart, Light Feet

  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Heidi’s son. It is such a tough battle to win, but it can be won!! I will say a little prayer for the family.

    Hey, I couldn’t answer your email about this summer. I guess we could take our cue from Mona, even if we postponed till the mid to end of August? Just a thought , I hate the idea of skipping the year but totally understand. I am glad I made it out in March.

    Run like the wind today!!! Enjoy your weekend and give the boys an extra squeeze!

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