Date: 5/11/2008 6:00 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Bucks to Bucks and Beyond
Distance: 3.4 miles
Duration: 36:40
Pace: 10:48 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 176 lb
Weather: Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 453
VO2 Max: 27.1

Happy Mother’s Day.  A great run, although the first hill gets me.  Every time.


I uploaded and am sharing the run photos of the boys and me.  L. and I are under the table.  He hates to have attention called to himself, and we were cheering like mad when he came into the stadium.  I can’t imagine where he gets his genes!  W. and I laughing as we took our picture…In our morning run, when we do the catwalk, that’s the *bridge* behind us.  That’s *E*, Kim’s son who also did the Mother’s Day run with us.  The catwalk goes over Highway 99 in Ripon CA. Honk if you see us!


MORNING PLAYLIST: (I wish I had this yesterday when my music simply sucked)

Ain’t Goin’ Down Till The Sun Comes Up/Garth Brooks

One More Time for the Womankind/Annie Lennox (PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY SONG!)

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/The Beatles

Viva Las Vegas/Elvis Presley

Brandi You’re a Fine Girl/?  I forget…Looking Glass?

Tainted Love/Soft Cell (One of my favorite running songs)

PROUD/(a nod to Mona who will be fighting breast cancer with radiation this summer)/Heather Small

Stupid Girl/Pink

Do you know (Ping Pong song)/Enrique Iglesias

Wild Wild West/Escape Club

If I Had a Hammer/Peter Paul & Mary (surprisingly fun song to run to)

Beautiful Day/U2

Hey Ya/Outkast


A fun day.



This has been the best Mother’s Day ever.  Life is changing…

One thought on “Bucks to Bucks, and Beyond

  1. Hey, it does sound like you had a great day! Plus, you reminded me that I need to get new headphones so I can listen to music while I run. Thanks! Have a great day. 🙂

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