I ran 5Ks back in the 80’s.  Okay, maybe I did 2.  I ate donuts the night before and carb loaded on candy and coffee.  I had no clue.  Fast forward to January 2008, when Kim and I did our first 5K.
Since then, a 12K in San Francisco, Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k, and Rina’s Mother’s Day 5K this past weekend in Ripon CA. 


I’m feeling a little guilty that I don’t want to run more.  Lots of bloggers are 10K, Half and Full Marathoners.  Where are the little 5Kers?  I was recently at a school when I was sort of, well really bragging about my 5K to another teacher, and she pops off with she is trying to qualify for Boston.  I’m like, HELLO?  Boston?  Yeah, that would be really cool.  She proceeds to say that after that, she is doing the 50 mile Folsom to where-ever-hell-50-miles-from-Folsom-is…


Do I really need to be running more?  Longer?  Really?  Truly, the runners I like don’t do the One-Upsmanship bit.  We all run against our own time, our pace, our bodies.  The only time I really race is the last 20 seconds, or when I see the clock.  But, I’m racing against me.  That’s all.


Long live the 5K.

9 thoughts on “When A 5K Is Not Enough

  1. I don’t think you HAVE to run more. Don’t feel pressured to up your miles and run a half or full. However, do you ever get bored of those 5 and 10Ks?

  2. I did the 12K in SF, and thought it was really hard, but maybe I wasn’t very prepared. I never get bored. I get thrilled that I can finish.

  3. Where are the 5kers? Here! Right here! I loved this entry. The only person you have to impress is yourself.

  4. Good point, Beth. Running marathons is not for everyone. I am not even sure if I am capable of doing it (or want to be capable of doing it). It is all about the running and the way it makes you feel.

  5. Run whatever your heart desires 🙂 I have one running friend in town who is super competitive, and I’ve decided I’m going to avoid all the races that she wants to do together – or always run a different length. I don’t like being competitive with friends!

  6. Nothing wrong with 5k’s. I did them exclusively for 5 years. However, I caught the bug – and was challenged – so greater distances beckoned. If you are not careful, the bug will find you also!

  7. Prior to training for this half marathon I am doing this weekend, all I ever did was a handful of 5K’s here and there. That is all I ever thought I would going to be able to do. But, being able to build my mileage as I have done this winter, I knew I had to test my limitations and try it. Who knows, I may just stick with 5K’s and Sprint Triathlons after this weekend!

    thanks for the comment on my blog! 🙂

  8. I’m just so obsessive, that I’m sure at some point I’ll be doing more, so maybe I need to keep reading, training and planning. I am super proud of getting under 30 minutes last weekend, and want to improve my time.

    Really? I just want to love it, and I don’t always love it.

  9. I don’t think that’s there any rule that you have to run more than 5Ks. If you like running that distance, then just run that distance. I just recently decided to do a marathon and not to feel like I was one-upping any other runners I know but because I just thought it would be a challenge and I want to see if I can do it. Plus, I get to train with a team, and I think I had taken my running as far as I could on my own. My family has been supportive but I’ve never felt pressured by them to do it. I actually think I like running the longer races because I run them slower than 5Ks.

    Do what you like – don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to do more than what makes you happy. It’s totally cool to like the shorter distances (and remember, it’s all relative. A 5K probably sounds like it’s really long, to sprinter!) 🙂

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