My next run is called The Udder Run.  In Hilmar CA.  On a dairy, in the middle of June.  I signed up for it for a few reasons: 

1)  It supports the Hilmar High Track Team

2)  Hilmar is only 30 miles away from me, compared to the Sacramento, San Francisco and San Mateo trips for 5Ks.

3)  My boys run for free.

4)  It’s another one of those long weekends (Father’s Day), where my boys go and be with their Dad.  It was a way to get a few hours in the morning with them.

5)  Free Asics Cool Max Shirts


Here’s the entry form if you’re in the Central Valley in June:


Over at the Daily Runner, there is an article on running surfaces.  Raise your hand if you’ve done a race through a dairy.  That should be some fun surface.


It’s only 2 miles, but now looking at the post below, I’m possibly going to go for the 5 mile.  I’m so easily swayed by peer pressure.  My kids get to run for free, and they get a free shirt, so with all I’ve read about race shirts, I’ll be instructing them on how to wear them correctly (nods to Vanilla).


They say Happy Cows come from California.  The Udder Run.  I cannot wait. 



One thought on “my next race…

  1. Haha, sounds like a great run! I haven’t ran a race through a dairy, but I did grow up in a small town. There were cows almost everywhere you ran!

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