I officially must live in the ghetto now.  My neighbors have just gutted their window, put up cardboard and an in-room air conditioner (a la Kramer)…I want to be a Live and Let Live gal…but I don’t think I’ll be able to. 


We have a run in the morning that should perk me up, but meanwhile…It’s 106 here in sunny California, and per usual, the a.c. has been cranking all day.  Yesterday, my STBEX (Soon-To-Be-Ex) turned on my a.c. for me as a favor while I was taking my PE test in Sacramento.  At 10pm, it was still 80 degrees in my house.  Finally, I saw…he left open the boys’ bedroom window.  All day. 


Next up:  I made it to the interview panel for a Home Ec-Activities Director position in my district.  I am planning on bringing chocolate dipped strawberries to the occasion.  I have a yellow and white Mossimo dress (Target $17), a leather white purse, nice shoes.  I will be getting nails and a pedi for Thursday.  I can’t actually go in their in my PE teaching gear.  I’m considering pearls, but don’t want to go over the top.  So, do I bring in the strawberries?  If they eat them, it will be like, *Yeah, she was good, but not as good as ****.  Hey let’s eat the strawberries anyway.  I’m so sick of interviewing, that I actually applied to Apple.  Yes, I own 5 iPods, so somehow I should have some kind of an *in*. 


The trifecta of crap:  Lost my marriage, lost my job, losing my house.  Somehow…I’m okay.  I’m grateful at least that I get to run tomorrow. 

4 thoughts on “Living in the ghetto

  1. Ooohhh girl I guess it’s alright as long as they don’t start bring the living room furniture outside on the front lawn LOL

  2. I know what you mean Jelly Bean, had to suspend my blog, losing my house and looking for a new one. Keep your chin up, lose the pearls but keep the strawberries.

  3. 80 degrees in my ghetto trailer feels positively COOL in this 112-degree heat we’ve been having for the past couple of days!

    Dare I ask how the interview went, or haven’t you had it yet?

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