My mother told me never never never to go outside in this small town without wearing lipstick.  She said that I must always look good, like this divorce isn’t seriously kicking my ass.  Okay.  So, when I go even to the Hardware store, I always slap some on my lips.

My mother came to visit me this month, when I informed her that my stylist and I decided that I should go gray gradually, because it’s oh-so-expensive to color my hair.  My mother gave me one look and said, “Oh, you WILL find a way to pay for that.”  So, back to Wayne I went with instructions to get the gray out.  Yes people, while Rome is burning, Nero fiddles.

Today, I’m in the market after loads of laundry and cleaning my floor three times this weekend…applying to MORE jobs, etc.  I am walking (WITH lipstick, WITH new hair color), and there is my STBEX’s friend from Hawaii.  I haven’t seen him in years.  He’s in town for some party.  And I looked presentable.  Thankfully.  Thanks, Mom

PS-I then proceeded to get a candy bar and throw it in my cart…for emergencies.  It’s gone already, in case you’re wondering.  It was an emergency.

Saturday Post Part 2:

Robby thought it might be funny to make a copy of my Edjoin Page.  This is the famous CA Teacher’s website, whereby if you have any luck at all, you could find a teaching job.  In many years past, all you might need would be a pulse.  Not today.  With over 300 people applying for one teaching job, it’s getting pretty tight out there.  So, with a nod to Robby, and of course to California Teacher Guy (Read May 8, 2008), who SLAMMED teased me (don’t worry, he’s my friend…) for having too many credentials…here without any further ado, is what I have to offer a school district in Northern CA.  Names have been changed.  Heh.

CLAD.pdf   [ preview ]
 English Learner Authorization
278.81 KB 4/16/2008 9:11:03 PM  
Cover Letter.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Introduction
41.9 KB 4/16/2008 10:22:06 PM  
CSET Scores.pdf   [ preview ]
 Test Results/Materials
210.29 KB 4/16/2008 10:56:11 PM  
D**S**** Recommendation.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Recommendation
315.65 KB 4/16/2008 11:07:48 PM  
GenericCoverLetterSJCOE.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Introduction
78.43 KB 5/5/2008 12:53:34 PM  
Letter of Recommendation 46.jpg   [ preview ]
122.21 KB 4/8/2003 1:59:03 PM  
Letter of Rrecommendation 68.jpg   [ preview ]
128.9 KB 6/3/2003 10:57:33 AM  
Limited PE Credential.pdf   [ preview ]
 Credential Copy
272.36 KB 4/16/2008 9:15:40 PM  
NCLB Health.pdf   [ preview ]
 NCLB Compliance
300.69 KB 4/16/2008 10:28:11 PM  
NCLB Home Economics pdf.pdf   [ preview ]
 NCLB Compliance
228.62 KB 5/24/2008 1:20:35 PM  
NCLB PE.pdf   [ preview ]
 NCLB Compliance
107.08 KB 4/16/2008 9:24:14 PM  
PPS Credential.pdf   [ preview ]
 Credential Copy
246.2 KB 4/16/2008 10:18:06 PM  
R***H***recommendation.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Recommendation
300.19 KB 4/14/2008 5:33:51 PM  
R****H****** recommendation.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Recommendation
44.24 KB 4/16/2008 10:29:50 PM  
S**** Letter Of Recommendation.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Recommendation
29.16 KB 4/16/2008 10:59:58 PM  
Teaching Credential, Single Subject English.pdf   [ preview ]
 Credential Copy
171.24 KB 5/5/2008 12:32:57 PM  
Teaching Credential, Single Subject English4.pdf   [ preview ]
171.24 KB 2/29/2004 8:04:58 PM  
Teaching Credential1.jpg   [ preview ]
147.49 KB 4/8/2003 1:56:28 PM  
Teaching Philosophy.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Introduction
622.41 KB 4/16/2008 10:58:38 PM  
Transcripts.pdf   [ preview ]
 Copy of Transcript
304.35 KB 4/15/2008 5:01:58 PM  
T******Cover20Letter.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Introduction
67.5 KB 5/5/2008 12:29:54 PM  
VermeulenEnglishResume2007.pdf   [ preview ]
52.2 KB 5/5/2008 2:26:28 PM  
W****R**** recommendation.pdf   [ preview ]
 Letter of Recommendation


Yes, Yes.  ’tis all true.


4 thoughts on “On why you should always wear lipstick to the market.

  1. “So, when I go even to the Hardware store, I always slap some on my lips.”

    I read this sentence so quickly that my brain translated it like this:

    So, when I go to the hardware store, I always slap someone on the lips.

    And I thought to myself: Man, don’t mess with Ms. V–she’s one tough lady! And whatever you do, keep your lips out of range of her slapping hand!

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