It started off with a killer 24 hour flu bug for my 10 year old.  Always on a holiday.  My 8 year old was crushed because he couldn’t go to the skate park.  I got up early to see if Lisa had posted a time for her Boulder Boulder 10K, and yeah, what a cool thing, that I can see it alllllllll the way over here in California.  She did a great job, doing it in 1:10.  I told her I ran with her in solidarity, to which she replied:  “Did you run a hill?”  Uh, no.  Guess she still hasn’t forgiven me for that Emerald 12K push into the chutes.

Music for my run of almost 4 miles today:  Very fun, and of course with the rule of 3, you get what you get.  I left it alone, and really enjoyed the run.  There’s a function that I haven’t seen at Runner’s World, whereby you can get a satellite, plus a street view of your race, which helps because we run a trail by the golf course, and I always *guesstimate* the placement of the map.  VERY cool feature.  (I’m sure it’s always been there, but I have never seen it.) 

Music for the day.  My start and end music was killer.  Again, I really enjoyed this run in the sun, and through what’s left of the farms.  One thought:  Billy Joel, Only the Good Die Young.  It’s not true.   A lady of age 85 died last week.  She spent her life in prayer and service.  She was good.  I ran by her house, and secretly blessed her, and wished her Veteran husband peace.  I’m sure he was at the Memorial Day Service in Ripon.  He is a good man, and she…well, she died old…and she was good.

1.  Wind It Up-Gwen Stefani (kick ass song to start with)

2.  Only The Good Die Young-Billy Joel (not true)

3.  I Walk The Line-Johnny Cash (fun by the river)

4.  Hold On-KT Tunstall

5.  Here It Goes Again-OK GO (ROBBY!)

6.  Devil-Stereophonice (Rescue Me)

7.  Wouldn’t It Be Nice-Beach Boys (Surprising cool to run to…through the shade of the fields)

8.  What About Now-Chris Daughtry

9.  Free Falling-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

10.  Yankee Doodle Dandy-The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (I swear, you should have this music to run to)

11.  Dueling Banjos (from Deliverance)-fun fun fun

12.  Bad Moon Rising-Creedence Clearwater Revival

13.  Immigrant Song-Led Zepplin

Why do I bore you with this list?  Because surprisingly, I can run to some slow songs, and get a pretty good time out of it.  Plus, I REALLY enjoyed this run, and finally…that’s the whole point.

Q&D Stats:

Date: 5/26/2008 9:00 AM
Type: Long
Course: Vera Moehler Loop
Distance: 3.97 miles
Duration: 41:57
Pace: 10:35 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 178 lb
Weather: Sunny
Statistics: Calories: 534
VO2 Max: 28.1

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2008

  1. I can run with slow music too, and sometimes I really dig it. It makes me slow down and enjoy things more 🙂

    I’m also going to have to check out that RW thingy. VERY cool! I’ve never seen it LOL

  2. Ok I forgive you…
    Next run we do it will have to have chips for the time that way no one can budge in the chute!!
    Did I just say I forgive you??

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