The flu got me for five days.  And my oldest.  And my running partner, two of her three kids.  This morning I had a voicemail that she was up with another one puking all night.  Think we’ll all stay away. In any event, I ran.  3.5 at 39:04.  Around 11+ minutes.  I was just happy to get out there. 

My First Three:

We’ll Be Together:  Sting

Here Comes The Sun:  The Beatles

The Potential Breakup Song:  Aly & AJ

Now, for the title:  I’ve seen two movies in two weeks, and I tell you people, I have not been disappointed. 

Sex And The City:  Good on so many levels.  Watching SJP in Mexico day after day had me wanting her to get up.  Then I realized why I liked that part.  I just lived it this past year.  I love Samantha and her eating issues, Charlotte’s joy, and Miranda’s Steve.  So refreshing.  Where were the men?  I dunno.  Watching Indiana Jones or something?  When was the last time there was a pure chick flick?

Kung Fu Panda:  Jack Black & Dustin Hoffman.  Who knew?  My kids wanted to see this, and usually, I’m asleep by the first half hour.  It was one of the best and funniest movies that I’ve seen in a long time.  Well, a kid’s movie, that is.  Funny, Sad, Poignant.  I thought the bad dragon was Eddie Izzard, but it was my love from Deadwood, Ian McShane.
Great, great stuff.  Happy weekend!!!


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