*yawn*  Is it Saturday already?  Well, in the land of the ambivalent, there are so many things to do, and alas I’ve made no decisions to do them.  So, I’ll start with the possible race calendar.  Lisa from Nebraska has decided to do a half marathon.  I looked at the training schedule, and I think I could do one in Fresno.  Dropped off all these flyers at Kim’s yesterday, and now just need to make a decision.  Either that, or I’ll sit here doing nuthin.

Here are some possible races that I’ve decided to do:

June 14 is the Udder Run (I’m doing that, although I’m walking it with my boys, so it doesn’t really count)

July 27 The Pear Fair Run

August 9 Susan B Anthony run in Sacramento (Women only~Cool skirts!) (MADE THE CUT!)

August 30 Color the Skies Hot Air Balloon Run in Ripon (woot!  no driving!)

and maybe maybe maybe

November 9 Two Cities Half Marathon in Fresno.  Maybe.  Got a training schedule.  Feeling inspired.  We’ll see. (MADE THE CUT!)

Oh My.  I just signed up for a Half Marathon.  Thank you Lisa!

And now, for the picture of the day.  Here’s to all the teachers.  May you have a wonderful summer!

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