Here are a few of my random thoughts today people.  I am trying to avoid the ABSOLUTELY STUPIDEST THING I DID EVER YESTERDAY!!!!!!

I signed up for a Half Marathon.  In Fresno, in November.  What the hell was I thinking?  I get exhausted running 3 miles.  I cannot do it.  So, for now, I will avoid any mention of it.  (Yeah, I printed my schedule of training.)  Their long run is 12 miles.  That’s like to a whole other city.  No way.  No way.  What was I thinking?


1) It’s all about the music for me.  If it’s bad, I am not having fun.  Gotta fix my playlist.  Added some new ones yesterday, which will be taken off today.  It wasn’t a bad start, but my run was pretty bad.  It was hot and sunny.  I can’t complain though, after reading Arkansas Running Girl’s post about humidity!  I had gotten up late because I can’t sleep lately.  I mean 2:30am can’t sleep.  It’s not good.

Today’s Magic 3

Mamma Mia, ABBA

Hunk of Burning Love, Elvis

Lemon Tree, Trini Lopez (great fun)

2)  I have been teaching since 1981.  I have never had to teach Summer School.  Until now.  Times are tough man.  Tomorrow, I teach a Summer School stint of Sophomore English.  We are reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and are writing Where I’m From poems.  These kids didn’t do their whole year, so I have to cram it in five weeks.  Yeah, we’re writing an essay everyday.  Tomorrow, we are talking about our family origins.  I remember CTG doing this with his kids, or perhaps another English teacher.   We’ll do Father’s Day letters and listen to music (Father & Son from Cat Stevens).  Should be fun.  I’m dragging out my own work to display for you.

Here’s my poem that I wrote with my 8th graders last year:

Where I’m From

By Ms. Vermeulen

I am from dishrags and hand towels

From Ajax and brown shutters

I am from the orange tree that blossoms white

Every spring

I am from the tadpoles caught and

Cared for in the back yard;

Both smells go together.

I am from the gorgeous blood red rosebushes,

The ones that receive my father’s diligence.


I am from Santa on the roof

Jingling the bells for all the children to hear.

I am from the brown eyed girls,

From Don & Dee Dee, Grace & Gladys.

I am from eating tacos on Friday night,

With oiled corn tortillas and raking leaves

On Saturday morning.

From clean your plate and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

I am from In My Father’s House there are many rooms

Getting saved over and over again.


I am from Burbank

And from William White on the Mayflower

Fluffy pancakes and strong coffee

From the Bon Bon machine that Grandpa


The BB Gun that my father accidentally shot,

Lodging a pellet in the wall,

I am from the small square photographs

That has the date written in ink on the back.

Photo albums that my mother puts together

Her handwriting identifying all of us.

From those moments snapped in time

Their value lodged in my heart.

3)  Yeah, we have the patent for the Popsicle Stick.  Here it is, for proof.

Popsicle Stick Patent

4)  Please stop ending your sentences with the word, *at*.  You have a perfectly fine sentence until you say that word.  It’s a preposition.  Do you not remember this from High School?  Where’r you at?  It’s fine, until the at.  ‘nuf said.


5)  It’s summer.  One of my favorite Book Group girls always always always picks a *classic* to read in the Summer.  We’re not reading any new, fun beach books.  Nooooooooo, it’s Catcher In The Rye for her.  Thank God last summer she picked To Kill a Mockingbird though…since I am teaching it tomorrow.  Good thing I read it. 


Not too deep, but there is my Sunday thought process.  Now, if the guy behind me would only set his sprinklers for another time of day, and not midnight, I might get a good night’s sleep.








8 thoughts on “Summer Sunday and the Popsicle Stick

  1. Oooooo I loved To Kill A Mockingbird. I think I was the only geek in HS English class to have that baby read in one night 😛

  2. 1) You’ll rock the half marathon! Train smart, have fun doing it and you’ll be fine!

    2) Summer school. Yikes.

    3) I don’t have a sentence to end with at. It’s late and I’m tired. 🙂

  3. a) Half Marathon? That’s wonderful and you’ll do great!!
    b) I wish I could remember MORE from High School English, thanks for the reminder!
    c) Summer school, you just do what you have to do!
    d) Thanks for mentioning my blog in your blog!

  4. I wrote the original “WIF” poem & really enjoyed yours. If you go to my website, your students can hear me read it and also learn about my other books.

    Write on!

    George Ella Lyon

  5. My did ran a marathon at 40, then got bored and did triathlons after that. Just work your way up and you’ll be fine.

    That is a great book, I hope the kids get something out of it.

    Let me know how that poem thing goes.

  6. Half a marathon? I’m in the Army – I run 2 miles. The MAX is 4 for me. I get too bored, ya know? Maybe if the iPod keeps spitting out good music… work on that Playlist and it might just happen.

    Wow, okay I really really need to go back to school. I love the poem, think I’ll see what my kid can do with that whole concept. I’d try it but “Where I’m From” I’ve forgotten – well no not really but I do try.

    My reading this summer is fluff and Army Regulations, really exciting stuff. Last night I read about a girl who is telepathic and has a vampire for a boyfriend. Today? Oh yea, AR 735-5 – Financial Liability, I am SURE that “Catcher in the Rye” is better than that regulation.

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