In which I tell you about my lovely day:

  • I have the wrong text.  The administrator gave me the Junior English text, in which I planned the whole day’s lessons around The Prodigal Son from the anthology.
  • No one wants to be there.
  • No one will stop talking while I take roll.  I kid you not.
  • I have no paper for my students.  Thankfully, I brought my own.
  • The teacher’s lounge copy machine is broken for the summer, so I gleefully went to the Library, where I was informed that I broke the machine because I have the wrong overhead thingy.
  • Everyone already read To Kill A Mockingbird.  We are reading Farenheit 451.  *yawn*  That was all that was left.
  • Finally, finally.  Writing.  They had to write from a grade school experience.  Some of it was good.  Some was not. 
  • These are Juniors & Seniors, who did not pass Sophomore English.  They are not happy campers.
  • No one, not one person in the office will show me the paper I need to get copies made.

Since filling out a job application is a standard, tomorrow my favorite Starbucks Barista is coming in to my class.  I have 35 applications.  She’s bringing coffee.  It’s gotta be better than today.

Half Marathon training starts tomorrow with 5x800s.  🙂

PS-Just an aside:  I notice that there were no blogs to read on Sunday, yet my bloglines was full today.  Runners must run on Sunday, blog on Monday.  Eh.

5 thoughts on “Day One. 23 to go.

  1. Bloglines can be REALLY slow sometimes for me. A lot of times I hit peeps blogs before anything shows up as new LOL

  2. Wow lady, you know it sounds SO much fun to teach summer school, not only are they students who had issues during their regular time, but now they regard you as the reason they are not having fun this summer. 🙂

    Sounds as though you are enjoying the latest and greatest printer issues. Its never ending isn’t it? I thought Farenheit was supposed to be pretty good? I haven’t read it Kayla has though she didn’t seem to thrilled (she read it for 10th Grade english).

    I haven’t run since May… I so need to get out and run some of this wine off….

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