Have I mentioned how much I love this place?  Today, my favorite Barista Jessica came to English 2.  She brought 2 travel packs of decaf Pike’s Place, talked about working for Starbucks, and helped my students fill out their job applications.  I’m grading them now, and I can truly say that learning to fill out an app correctly is definitely a learned skill.  How did I ever learn this?  My parents sat down with me.  I did not learn it at school, but then, it was 1976, and times are a bit different.

The students learned how to *smell* the coffee, how to be in a community, how to slurp the coffee across their tongues.  All in all, they saw what a great company this was, and I can only hope that we’ve instilled in them some sort of hope to get a job! 

Thank you so much, Ripon Starbucks!

I’d upload photos, but not having that background and permission, I won’t do it.  Many of these kids go to different schools, and who needs that?  I did take a cool picture of them toasting with their tasting cup.  Is this in the standards?  You bet.  2.6.  Technical documents.  I can make anything fit.

Here’s something I heard today.  One of the teachers feels that since these kids goofed off so much during the year, they don’t get to have the creativity of a summer school English class.  2 hours of vocab, 2 hours of grammar, 2 hours of writing.  Do I want that?  No, no.  I don’t.  As Robman pointed out to me, I need a connection with my students.  I do, and giving seatwork won’t work for anyone.

All in all, a much better day.

Running:  5x800s today.  It was fun.  Running the track brings back memories of Jr. High, but we did it. 

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