It was 100 degrees yesterday.  There was a dairy, some cows, some heat…and some runners running through it.  I was pretty happy with my run, a 19:25 with 9:43 pace for 2 miles.  Those are my boys, and Kim and her kids to the right; they also did the Fun Run. I earned a 2nd place medal for my age group!  Yes, that is the actual medal up there.  I was inwardly very excited to earn anything.  Even if there were only 60 runners.  It’s MY medal, dammit.

But, it stunk.  Bad.

Here’s something even more bizarre:  I was looking for the Udder Run results, and found a race in MN today called, yeah…the UDDER RUN.  Tell me that’s not weird.

06/14/2008:  Goodhue Udder Run, Zumbrota, MN – (Wayzata Results Inc.)


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