Here is my offering from Take It and Run Thursday, over at Runner’s Lounge:

You are a runner when you stop dieting, and plan your clean food around your next run.  This is key for me.  I love to eat, but have suffered terribly if I eat crap the night before a run.  So, I’m eating what I want.  On the days I run.  The night before I run…no ice cream, no salt, try to finish by 7pm (I run at 5am)  I have been on a million diets…but the best one for me is the one that makes me feel the best….not just to lose weight, but to have a clean, light stomach.  Get it?

I just got back from a 30 minute easy run of 2.93, a 10:30 pace.  It’s beautiful out at 5am, but here in the wilderness (California fire country), it’s very hazy.  Nonetheless, I give you the fabulous Fresno State Bulldogs.  We went from underdogs to wonderdogs…Number 1 in the country, after starting the lowest ever in any NCAA sport.  Today in Fresno…BIG party.  My youngest is in his championship 8 year old league game tonight, so I get to go witness his dreams too!

Baseball.  Gotta love it.

[Crash calls for a curve ball, Ebby shakes off the pitch twice]
Crash Davis: [stands up] Hey! HEY!
[walks to meet Ebby at the mound]
Crash Davis: Why are you shaking me off?
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: [Gets in Crash’s face] I want to give him the heat and announce my presence with authority!
Crash Davis: Announce your presence with authority? This guy is a first ball, fast ball hitter!
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: Well he hasn’t seen my heat!
Crash Davis: [pauses] Allright meat, show him your heat.
[Walks back towards the box]
Crash Davis: [to the batter] Fast ball.

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