We ran 5 today in 55:10, just under 11 minute pace with two hills.  NO, the smoke isn’t as bad as this picture, but today there was just a LITTLE patch of blue way up high.   There was a beautiful sunrise over our first hill, but it saddened me to know that our lungs, our air…it’s just pitiful.  I’m with our Governor…let’s not use any fireworks this year, k?

When Kim came over, my iPod was dead, so I used my 8 year old’s.  Now there’s an experience.  In my quest to commit to the first three songs, I had to laugh!

Will’s First Three

John Cena, The Time is Now (He’s a singer?)

Meet in the Meadow, by Paul Westerberg, from the Movie Open Season

First Time, by Finger Eleven (which is now going on my running list)…GREAT song

He also had a Christian song, called Indescribable, which I listened to when the sun rose.  Here it is, and it’s fabulously uplifting.

Pottery Barn gift card, NEW SHOES!  (Mine have 197 miles and they are killing me, so I think I may not have the best shoe….) 

5 thoughts on “California Smoky Sky & Fireworks

  1. 197really isn’t too many miles. Have you been faithful to stretching? My biggest down fall…

    I rocked at 5.4 miles this morning in 58 minutes. But I did have to make a pit stop back at home after the first mile

  2. 197, that’s not many, I have about 480 and I should have bought shoes at 400…. Maybe you do have the wrong shoes. I agree, no fireworks and I don’t live there!

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