This song was on my patriotic son’s iPod.  I want to honor all those in Iraq and around the world in our military on this fourth of July.  Thank you.

Today, I ran the school tour.  In which I run by all my old schools here in Woodland Hills…5 miles in 56 minutes.  Something like that.

K-2 Pinecrest, 3-6 Collins Street.  Then, of course thank GOD for the Mother Ship Starbucks.  I heard the other day they were closing 600 stores.  I wonder if it’s because runner’s like me use the facilities, but don’t get a coffee.  My Mom made a KILLER pork chop-mashed potato-corn on the cob dinner last night, of which I indulged…so, I needed to stop.

I got asked out.  By an 80 year old.  I was running by him as he was trying to blow up his 4th of July dog. (don’t ask).  He says, “When are you going to come and play tennis?”  First time I’ve been asked out.  In a long time.  Heh.

Hughes Jr. High, where parts of the Karate Kid was filmed.  ECR, home of the National Academic Decathalon champions, and obviously they did that 5 times, but after I was in High School.  Natch, I ran by the old *smoker’s section*, where kids could stand outside and have a ciggie.  Things have changed sinced the 70s!  I remember smoking in the teacher’s lounge the first year I taught! 

There were lots of Runners, but LA, your sidewalks are slanted.  I walked for a while.  Then a guy starts running by me, and I reckoned he was mighty slow.  When I started again, I thought I’d overtake him.  I never did pass him.

A few days ago, I borrowed my youngest son’s iPod (the catcher on the right).  Today, I used my oldest son’s.  While the younger gymnotes boy is a rocker, this iPod was full of Christian and Patriotic music. 

 The first three today:  

 Shout to the Lord,

George Strait, Tell me what he said that always made you stay,

Live Like You were Dying, by Tim McGraw

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July Run

  1. Hey Mrs. Vermuelen!
    I am happy to see that you are doing well.
    And it looks like you have’nt changed one bit. =]
    I hope all is well.

    – Joseph Samson.

  2. Yes, we thank Starbucks too, for the facilities and the Mocha Light Frappuccinos, but we always thought we were keeping them IN business!

    A Tennis date, even if he was 80, it’s nice to be noticed.

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