Today’s First Three:

Here Comes The Sun, by Alison Moorer

I Like The Way You Move, by Outkast

Gimme Three Steps, by Lynryd Skynrd

I actually cannot run outside today.  Here’s a picture I took right outside my house when the sun was rising today:

Yes, that is gray sky you see.  That little bitty orange is the sun trying to bleed through.  The smoke has definitely taken up residence, and is here to stay.  At the market, the clerk says, “Yes, but I think it’s getting better!”  I looked at her like she lost her mind, because, um.  NO, it’s not getting better.  We ran three outside yesterday, and it felt like bricks were on my chest.

Whichever blogger put the Oatmeal-Raisin bars from Everyday Foods on her blog, well I thank you.  They are the crack cocaine of the baking world.  Amazing, good stuff!

I had to run on the treadmill this morning, which is like sticking a fork in my eye.  I hate hate hate the treadmill, having become dependent on beautiful California mornings.  I gave up after 10, and finished with the elliptical.  Huey Lewis & The News, I Want A New Drug, came on…so it was all good in the end.

Off to beautiful Bass Lake CA.  Tomorrow.  For a week.  Cannot wait to get out of the smoke!  I am longingly looking at their web cams, and I do believe I see blue sky.  I do I do I do.

*Lyrics from Gimme Three Steps*

2 thoughts on “*Well he turned and screamed at linda lu, and thats the break I was looking for.*

  1. I can’t even imagine thinking that running in the Valley would be beautiful after seeing the trails here. I can’t wait to venture out on the German trails and run… RUNAWAY!! lol

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