photo  We’ve gone from the smoky, gray skies to this beautiful blue this morning.  That’s the flag that flies in my front yard.  I wanted to get a pic to compare it to the sky we had before Bass Lake.  Simply Beautiful.  Today, the Telegraph Fire in Mariposa County is out of control.  We wouldn’t be able to go to the lake if we needed to go today. 

Ran 2.93 at a snail’s pace.  I do hills, but even that isn’t enough to justify my ever slowing pace.  I was out there at 5:30am, making myself run through this GI problem I seem to be having. 

This song came on my shuffle just as I hit the high run.  The groovy visuals are for all the acid-droppers out there*.  The song is a great Catwalk song…and good news for us… I called the Police Dept. a month or so ago, because we had quite a bit of tagging there from reputed gangs in our area.  Last week, I noticed the volunteers up there painting over them.    Nice to run on quiet concrete again.

*disclaimer: I’m not advocating dropping acid.

**from Alright Now, by Free.

3 thoughts on “Let’s move before they raise the parking rate**.

  1. Hmmm… runners high takes on a new meaning! I enjoyed my quick trip back to the 70’s. Thanks…..

  2. Oh yea… uh huh… I said HEY What’s Your Name…
    ITS ALLLLLL RIGHT NOW BABY itsa ALRIGHT NOW. Yea I’m so finding this song for my iPod.

    I started back running on Monday and my inside of my thighs are SCREAMING at me. Of course the fact that I ran then worked my lower body until I could barely make it back up the stairs to my apartment didn’t help.

    Tomorrow I am donning the iPod. (Plugging it in to charge) and going to go OUTSIDE to try the running thing. I’ll make sure to take my phone to snap a few shots as I stop to GASP for air.

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