This Saturday is the Susan B Anthony 5K.  In part, because I like their mission:  

The race has been successful every year in providing women with a non-intimidating atmosphere to challenge themselves to run or walk farther or faster than they may previously have.

I put a pink skirt at the top.  I’m getting that at half price.  I don’t like them to run in, but I love them to kick around in.  Plus, everyone gets one of these:  I don’t know what’s up with the pink, but I do love the Sacramento Running Club.  They put on awesome events.  I’ll pick up Kim at 5am, and we’ll take ourselves to the beautiful American River.

Today marks the second day of teacher’s meetings.  My usual response is:  Blech.  However, I got some cool ideas, and met with my new principal, who is probably 15 years younger than me.  Good news:  He saw my 1988 World Series (Game 1) and 1988 NLCS ticket that I have framed.  He’s a Dodger fan.  Good, good news.  Apparently, there’s a whole cluster of them at my new school, which is unusual for this SFGiants country.  He’s a Cub Scout leader, like me.

Best of all?  It seems as if he will be letting me do what I want.  Life is good.

6 thoughts on “pink pink pink

  1. he sounds perfect then 😉

    (I love the skirt you posted above….and was ALREADY TEMPTED. I now may have no control)

    love the pic of you!

  2. I want the flat stomach that goes with the pink skirt! don’t think I would like one for myself. I don’t like anything that draws attention to my ugly legs!

  3. I hate that B in your header LMAO! I left my flat stomach back in the late 90’s early 00’s.

    Ooooo I dig the pink top! 😉

  4. HAHAHA Mizfit. That is so not me…just a photog of the gal in the club. 🙂

    Lisa, you WILL have that flat stomach after all your work. Marcy, shut UP…you are just trying to get me off of Quadro’s challenge. You know you are a gorgeous gal!

  5. There would be a lot of tucking to get that tummy, I would just be happy without the apron!

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