GLORIA-Van Morrison:  Catwalk Song today.  Good beat.  Mind numbing.

Kim and I started our Half Marathon Training today with Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training.  Me with the new Mizunos, having to get used to so much more support.  Ran just a 2.7 today.  My feet feel fantastic, my arches supported.  My calves are screaming, what the hell???  The whole inside of my calf has to get to work now. 

So glad to run.

First day of school over.  Why all these incomplete sentences.  Dunno.  Tired.  Two periods PE this morning.  ahhhhhhhh Rodney Yee.  🙂  Going to June Lake over Labor Day.  Considering this race.

9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Starts Today

  1. After my long(er) run today, I am kind of itching to train for a half marathon again… don’t know if I will find one to do around here before the snow falls..

    Nice job on the run!

  2. Im not sure why but when I see youve left me a comment it makes me SMILE BEFORE I EVEN READ 🙂

    and I know yer ahhhhhh rodney wasnt referring to his, err, package right?

    have a great day.

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