My English classes are reading Our Town. That cute little play of life in New Hampshire 100 years ago. Today, we got to the part in the beginning where Mrs. Gibbs calls to her children:

George! Rebecca! Time to get up!

My class said that’s so unrealistic, and one kid shouted,

Yeah, George! Rebecca! Get the F*** up!

Everyone just started laughing, because sadly, this is the reality in some of my students’ homes. I had to stifle a giggle because his response was so spontaneous. I’ll be calling my mother to thank her tonight.

I had a parent conference with R’s mother. R explained in the meeting that he smokes only an ounce of weed everyday. I looked at his mother, who said, “I tell him to stop and taper, and that’s all I can do.”


Another whackadoodle day. I’m off to the SFGiants game…tickets on first base line…with my STBX and our kids. I’ll be wearing my Dodger gear.


3 thoughts on “we’re not in kansas anymore.

  1. I am so sorry but I AM LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA That is just so wrong, yet so funny. The poor kids. Geez, with parents like that . . . .

  2. I guess Bill Cosby was right, kids DO say the darnedest things.

    Nice score on the baseball tickets. Go ex-Clevelanders! Casey Blake and Manny Ramirez and Omar Vizquel, hooray!

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