Yo.  Stop with the botox, or whatever the hell this is.  I’m just saying.  It ain’t pretty.  I’m going to be 50 in February, so let’s not ruin our whole look okay? 

I was thinking of this during Kickboxing with first period.  I told the class, this is one way to get those six pack abs.  A heavier girl, (not overweight), yelled out.  “Not me!  I want to be juicy!”  I had never heard that, but I assumed that everyone aspired to be as lean as possible.  Huh.

Today’s nuggets:

  • I gave out my writing assignment.  “F*** THIS!”
  • R. threw a book across the room, to which he got a referral.  He said “Son of a B.” under his breath.  When I went outside to give him his referral, he yells, “No, you bring it!”
  • Ms. V.  You need to relax.  You need to chill.  Why you so stressin’ on everything?
  • L. is checking his phone for texts during Yoga.  I take it from him (per the code), and the rest of the day, everytime I see him, he says, “Why you have to be like that?”
  • Oddly, my glasses are missing.  My money is on L., because in some crazy way, he’ll feel like we’re even.
  • Continuation School.  It ain’t for the faint of heart.

Then I found out:

  • K. is going to be a teen dad, but they aren’t really sure the baby is his.
  • L. wants to stay in school because his parents tell him when he graduates, they are all going back to Mexico, so it’s in his best interest to fail.
  • M. is raising herself.  Her parents are gone.  (this is the girl who tells me I’m rude)
  • T. writes to me that she is a boy in a girl’s body.

Oddly, every day is a new day.  It’s like the day before never happened. 

I was up until 1am getting home from the game where the Giants are spoiling the Rockies’ ability to advance on my Dodgers.

I’m tired.  In more ways than one.  Hey, maybe just one shot of botox?

6 thoughts on “50 years olds. listen up.

  1. This past weekend, I saw a woman wearing a swimsuit with the word “juicy” going across the ass. Ewwww. I really hope she has an extraordinary sense of humor and that wasn’t meant to be sexy or something.

  2. Juicy? that sounds gross. Oh and that picture of Madonna, that ain’t no juicy!! HA!

  3. Isnt school life interesting. Everyone thinks that because they attended school, at some time in their lives, that they know what school is really all about. Little to “average” people know about what school is REALLY like. I literally spend my day, much like yours, holding students accountable and pissing them off. And the stories WE hear are amazing. So many students raise themselves, support themselves, and live lives I never even thought of when I was growing up.


    the 3rd and 4th graders with whom I hang are NOT as exciting.

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