Running 5 miles on a Treadmill on Sunday, nearly sent me over the edge.  The altitude, the boredom, the hopes of seeing an Olympic athlete.  All, horrid.  Today, we did week 4 of Hal’s Half Marathon training, which is 3.5 miles. 

I so love runners, who can discuss their bowels without batting an eyelash.  It’s not an awful subject.  It’s necessary.  I wish someone would have told me when I started running, that you have to watch what you eat the night before a run.  Or at least give me a hint that maybe the Starbucks Mocha at 9pm isn’t such a hot idea.  Or that you will churn, baby, if you eat chili two days before a run.  (I’m getting to the title of my post)

This weekend, we spent Labor Day at June Lake CA.  Went through Yosemite, down Tioga pass, a stunning view of sparkling diamond lakes, the back of Half Dome, the trees.  It’s our annual fishing, gambling, some-drinking, family get together.  We arrive at Interlaaken from LA and Northern California, ready to play some Poker, Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble.(Yes, Lisa, those are Husker Playing cards.  Thank you!)

((I digress here.  Qi is a word.  Fi is a word, as is Fa.  My sister had a bogus unofficial dictionary, in which none of those words lived.  I lost 33 points just because Fi was challenged.  So, I wrote on the Dictionary:  Use at your own risk.  Yeah, I’m like that.  A real pain about stuff like that.  You’d think as a teacher, I’d kick some ass at TP, but I don’t.  Scrabble?  My brother-in-law is usually the one there.))

But ah, this post is about merging Brett Favre with running.  My neice L., is marrying one fabulous G., and they insisted on their meal as Brett Favre Chili Night.  Here he is in all his splendor with his new Jets jersey..  This post is dedicated to them, whose Brett Favre Chili helped me lose two pounds after this morning’s run.  Two days later, Brett Favre’s Chili is still kicking my butt, and I thank them for the best tasting stuff ever.  Why do I keep saying, “Brett Favre’s Chili”?  It gets stuck in your head.  Try it.  Brett Favre’s Chili night.  See?

We all love this man, and are so glad he’s marrying in to our family.  Who in the world would EVER carry in their suitcase a Rey Mysterio mask?  My son, enamored of WWE went freaking wild with this new mask, that G. gave him.  Who does this? (New Yorkers)

On to today’s nuggets.  Disclaimer:  I only wrote 4 referrals, and three were for cell phones in class, a fairly benign discipline problem. 

  • (Referral #4) A. says, “This is f***ing stupid”, when I put my assignment on the board.  The good news is that he didn’t argue with the referral.  Just took it with a smile.
  • (Writing)  My main goal is to get that stupid diploma so people can get off my back.
  • (Writing) I don’t regret getting F’s, and being here.
  • (Writing) I’d like to get out of this crappy school.
  • MY FAVORITE OF THE DAY:  (Writing)  I’d like to earn my liquor license, which should cost about $4500, and I’d like to open a bar.  It only took me a minute to figure out that she thinks you go to school for this.  Earn your liquor license.  As if.

An *up* note:  M., who has eyelashes to her forehead, and has, up until today, only looked at me with disdain, came up to me when she got her Progress Report.  She has an 87%.  She said, “Thanks Ms. V. for giving me that grade.”  I told her I didn’t give it to her, she earned it. 

She beamed.  One small victory, but I’ll take it.

7 thoughts on “Brett Favre Chili Night & Today’s Nuggets

  1. I’m glad it’s not all about running… as for Farve… he’s dead to me… he’s the hit man in the NFL this year.

  2. ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA OMG I love kids sometimes (even if they are jerkfaces at times :P) They say the craziest things.

  3. As a fellow educator,keep up the good work and the interesting blogging. Oh yeh,those pictures from a few days ago were breathtaking. What a great place to run.

  4. Ok, so Brett Favre Chili…How annoying! Glenn only did that to mess with me. Since I love Brett, but now he’s on the Jets so I don’t love him as much. He should never have retired. UGH! I’m with Robman…although, not quite dead to me.

    Plus, Glenn only did that to bug the heck outta me…and it worked!

    Also, leave my dictionary alone! We all agreed on it! Bring your own next time. 🙂 LOL

  5. Qi is a word. Meaning: Chi
    Fi is a word. *Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum…*
    Fa is the 4th word of the musical scales.

    You’re getting a Scrabble Dictionary for Christmas.

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