Here is a snippet of what we read today:

MRS GIBBS:  Why, it was so big I didn’t know where to put it.

Mrs. Gibbs is talking about a piano or something that she is selling.  The class erupted in an uproar.  I was clueless. For a moment. 





That passage of the play goes on and on with terms like, *beat around the bush*, etc.  The kids just howled.  It was pretty funny, and I had to do a lot to reel them in.  I’m not an old hen, but with this class, EVERYTHING is sexual.  Today during Health, we were talking about Depression, and one kid yells out, “I just J**K-Off”.  I couldn’t deny that this could be a solution, yet sometimes, the lesson goes down a wrong way street.

8 thoughts on “Our Town. What a pity.

  1. Shouldn’t surprise you… will be kids….and I have to admit, I had those same thoughts myself….not too good of a high school principal, huh?

  2. Oh Ms V. You such a prude. 😛

    I remember when I was in middle school, the word “mo” was used as slang for “homo” which of course, was short for “homosexual”. Only “mo” was used as a verb, not a noun.

    If you said that you had to go “mow” the lawn, everyone would get hysterical.

    By the way, that’s the first thing I though of when Mrs. Gibbs said that too. 🙂

  3. beating around the bush, jerking off … this blog is so lewd!

    BTW-I skipped the previous post. I’m sick of reading about that guy.

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