First of all, some nice news:  Welcome a new blogger, HUSKER RUNNING.  Yeah, from somewhere in Nebraska.

Now on to today’s goodies.  Some hoodlum from fifth period took a computer wire after he left class and wired me in.

It was a very mellow day, 2 periods of Rodney Yee Power Yoga, which kicked everyone’s butt, then the eyelash batting gal got in a fight and is suspended for umpteen days.  My kids are learning words like NAMASTE!, but they yell them across the courtyard to tell people to mellow out, not to greet each other.  So someone will be getting in a fight, and two guys will yell NAMASTE!!, which is now the signal for *YOU NEED TO CALM THE HELL DOWN*.

So, I tried to get out of my class during fifth period, to no avail.  J., is standing outside, and giggling.  I really wasn’t offended by the prank, but let’s just say there was, oh, a FIRE or something.  Huh.  Then, probably I’d be offended, no I’d be dead, and my family could sue and own the whole school district. 

A couple of sad notes today.  .  Divorcing in a small town is hell, compared to the big city, and I’ve done both.  I can’t hardly stand at a Starbucks with a girlfriend and discuss what’s going on with my life before *someone* hears about it.  It felt today, as if a final door on my former family had closed, when I received a very painful email…accidentally.  Never, never hit REPLY ALL.   In fact, the last thing I do when I send an email, is put in the person’s address.  I can’t tell you how many innocent conversations that have landed in the wrong lap.  Including today’s.

I volunteer for an organization that I love:  The Cub Scouts.  I am a leader of one of our groups.  I have one of *those* parents, who thinks I must drop everything to accomodate her needs.  She is angy at me because I didn’t read her mind about a meeting.  Time after time, she appears to think that I work for her.  Hello?  I’m a single Mom,  I teach in purgatory High School , and I’m a VOLUNTEER leader.

Lastly, I think I have finally, finally tried to come to terms with my STBX, who although had been sweet and kind as of late, once more slammed my heart to the ground.  Looks like we’re headed to a trial by default. 

I have Plantar Facilitis.  It hurts.  But not when I run.  I did 3.5 today, and have to rest until Sunday when we are scheduled for 5.

So, Namaste, you bastards.

9 thoughts on “NAMASTE! You *&^%&!!!!!

  1. Oh my darling… Seriously Hang in there, and I hate to inform you but the size of the town isn’t the problem. It’s the people that are… I keep running into back stabbing witches wherever I go. Its like you spend too much time with the same women and voila! STAB.

    I am sorry for your dealings with the Divorce. (D)! But honey its not like we are in the age of Betty Crocker, people get divorced and the women who yammer about it? Honestly need to get their own life… don’t let it get to you.

    I’m rambling but I’m pissed in my own rage and really trying to not blog my own irritation at small group Army Wives…

  2. Ra ra ree, kick ’em in the knee! Ra ra rear, kick ’em in the ear!

    Don’t sweat those chumps!

    Have a good weekend. Stay uninjured!

  3. I’m one of the few divorcees that will tell you that I hope that it is still possible to work things out. I’ve had many rotten things happen to me and I know that my ex has no use for me(and I’m not trying to put her down–seriously),but I would still say that I hope that your relationship can be salvaged. If it can’t,I feel that you will more than hold your own.

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