***QUADRATHON‘S WORTH THE WEIGHT CHALLENGE IS OVER*** (I lost six pounds!)  See the results here, as soon as he puts them up.

Meanwhile…about my blog header.  It wasn’t Fall.  It’s still 93 degrees here, so I had to take the Fall trees off of the blog.  Yeah, it’s Summer here in Sunny CA.

Today, one of our three teachers was out sick.  I used to be sort of cavalier about my sick days.  Yeah?  So what?  Let ’em sweat it out.  Everyone will be fine.  In this environment, however, I’m not so sure.  My students were insane. insane. insane.

No Namaste, No Peaceful Warriors, just arguing. arguing. arguing.  Six referrals later, I finally got my first period to do Downward Dog and hold it for five breaths.  Then, the office split up the other class because the sub hadn’t shown up yet.  They came in smackin’ their gum, talkin’ their trash.  And, then it happened.

All of my Yoga students were in Boat pose, then Gate pose, then Child’s pose…oblvious to the distraction in the back.  I turned all the other students backward, so they could work on their other assignment.  One of them got up and did Yoga with us.

I was very proud of the students who made it work.

In Life Skills, we did the Stress test, in which you get points for the number of stressors in your life.  I got 294…50% chance I’ll be in an accident in the next year, or be ill.  One boy was so freaked out because he scored a 464, and started to panic.  Right there in class.  I saw him after school, and he was better.  It’s amazing how much shiz these kids have to deal with outside of school.  I reminded them that there were some things that they didn’t have control over, but some were in their power to change.

Then of course, they started with the drug/alcohol talk.  Like of COURSE you can drink/smoke when you’re stressed…The students asked me why I didn’t drink anymore.  I told them I was sober, and in AA, and the last time I drank was April 5, 1979…I was 20 years old.   I told them if I took a drink, I could be in Florida by morning.  Or simply on my front lawn.  In any event, it wouldn’t be pretty.

One kid said, “Do it!”  I’m like, “Dude, you do NOT want to see that…”

Exhausting.  Continuation School is simply exhausting.

Running 4 in the morning….

5 thoughts on “In which I keep repeating myself…

  1. Wow that does sound exhausting. I agree with your comment and all the things kids have to deal with these days outside of school. I work with elementary students, and to hear some of the things they hear or see at home, or have to deal with just makes me sad.

  2. Congrats on the sobriety. I do know that students can drive one to drink….proud they have not driven you there.

  3. Have you heard of BIST? Behavior Intervention Support Team. It’s not quite yoga, but it does work. Let me know if you want contact info.

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