Cosmo Kramer: The bus is outta control. So I grab him by the collar, I take him out of the seat, I get behind the wheel, and now I’m driving the bus.
Jerry: Wow.
George Costanza: You’re Batman.
Cosmo Kramer: Yeah, yeah, I am Batman. Then the mugger, he comes to and he starts choking me. So I’m fighting him off with one hand and I kept driving the bus with the other, ya know. Then I managed to open up the door and I kicked him out the door, ya know, with my foot, ya know, at the next stop.
Jerry: You kept making all the stops?
Cosmo Kramer: Well, people kept ringing the bell!


Thought this Seinfeld snippet was perfect to describe our day.  Two (2) kids, snorting cocaine through a mechanical pencil.

What’s more important, comparing Mark Twain’s Calaveras County piece and Life on the Mississippi, or a wee bit of coke in the corner?

…and they just keep on ringing the bell.

6 thoughts on “I’m Batman.

  1. I will count myself lucky, no cocain snorting in my school………….yet. Keep your chin up, you are doing a great job.

  2. holy crapballs.

    I adore seinfeld and totally pass over that for the snortage shock.

    I think we were back when I was in highschool (she types realizing what a dinosaur she now is).

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