(PS-This is a sticky post, and will stay up until the Dodgers are victorious in the 2008 World Series.)

Watching the Dodgers’ Pennant race for 2008.

Los Angeles

Arizona 3


Colorado E

San Diego E

Should be an interesting week.  LA vs. Arizona.  3 games back

Magic Number #3.

Today’s Game 9-24 LA vs SD 7:10 pm

17 thoughts on “Ms. V’s Dodger Watch 2008

  1. (My running comments on the next month of baseball)
    I just can’t get used to Joe Torre in an LA hat.

    And, what’s with the 3 pitchers to get 3 outs? Geeeeez. At least he doesn’t do what Tommy used to do…wait until the pitcher was COMPLETELY out of gas before sending someone in.

    Loney. Loney. Loney. It’s my son’s favorite nighttime animal’s name. A rabbit we gave him at Easter 8 years ago.

    Loney. Tonight’s hero.

    Still 3.5 out, due to Arizona’s win. Bah.

  2. Good Luck to your Dodgers

    No offense, but since my two favorite teams sit at the bottom of the AL Central, I’m adopting the Cubbies as my playoff team of choice.

  3. Monday 9-15

    Oh that is such crap. The announcers claiming that the Dodgers just have great luck to play such crap teams right now. Really? Did the gods know that Pittsburgh would be 27.5 out right now? I think not.

    Pittsburgh. Was there with my first husband, oh around 1986 or 1987, and saw an up and coming Pirate named Barry Bonds (& Bobby Bonilla)…before the juice, and was he fun to watch.

    Pittsburgh fans. Gotta hand it to them. You are a real fan when you come out to watch your team from the cellar view.

  4. Yeah. We won again! Go Blue!!! Too bad we can’t get just a weeeeeee bit more distance from the D-Backs.

    Magic Number: 8

  5. Um. That was ugly. My kids were running in to tell me how the Pirates were spanking the Dodgers (they are SF fans).

    I even wore my Manny rally cap.

    Boy, that loss to PP was ugly tonight.

  6. Much better. 4-3 Final in 12?!?!?!?!?

    Viper, isn’t Milwaukee, like 8 back?

    A little more breathing room.

    Tomorrow? Oh it’s a nightmare. LA vs SF. In our house. It’s almost big enough to make a little trip to LA.

  7. Hey Mrs. V
    i’m not a HUGE baseball fan & this comment is off topic but i’m just replying from your comment on my NEW page haha
    anyways, school’s going great
    i have dancing for PE & it’s REALLY fun
    so far i’m doing great
    how about u?

  8. No, just until……..hey wait a minute. You slammin’ my Dodgers?

    I really really really want to drive to LA tonight…

  9. slow down…breathe deep…you don’t want to jinx the boys in blue by going there or worse yet being nice to the STBX! Where will the little traitors be watching the game tonight?

  10. The traitors will be with their father, the big traitor.

    Man, I hate the Giants. What’s worse, is that I hate watching the Dodgers come to PacBell park. Or whatever it’s called now.

    Chavez Ravine 50 year history. Wish I was going to be there tonight.

  11. Here we go.
    Got my Dodger rally cap.
    My Seinfeld in the DVD.

    Ready to watch my MLB ticket, and OF COURSE it’s not on, because I’m so close to the bay area.

    Now I have to watch this from a GIANTS affiliate. I really was looking forward to Vin Scully.

    The announcer: The Giants are really responsible for getting the Dodgers here today.

    Only here would they take credit for that.

    I loathe the Giants. Carry on.

    First Inning:That was a bad call. He was out of the base line. Holy crap.
    I’m disgusted.

    Joe Torre pulled a Tommy. Maddux should have been out in the 3rd inning.

  12. I’m glad that Manny is working out for you guys. After a while(if he signs next year with the Dodgers)you guys will get sick of “Manny being Manny”–although he is a hitting machine. I’m not surprised that Joe Torre couldn’t get him to cut his precious locks(what,maybe an eighth of an inch off for his hair-cut?)

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