Oh, I love this.

I don’t understand why The Mayflower-et-al is my number one post.  Every single day.  Is it Jr. High students googling The Mayflower?  Is it the Eddie Izzard reference?  I am just clueless on this one.  Each and every day, it stays on top of my post list.  WhatEVER.

Here are five (5) of my newest added blogs.   Not new blogs.  Just new to me. 

  1. MizFit:  Fantastic daily dose of sound advice.
  2. Running For My Life: HS Principal, who runs.  Inspirational blogger.
  3. Viper, a 30 something smart-aleck [ok, editing.  Viper SAYS he is 29ish] who drinks & runs. One of my favorites.
  4. Husker Running, my best gf in Nebraska.  Send her some love.  She just finished her Half Marathon, and has not run since. 
  5. Sonriserunning Single dad of 4, LONG distance runner.  Not so chatty, just steady reporting of 10+miles DAILY, without whining.

PF.  I have it.  I can barely walk.  Seeing the doctor tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Post Hog, Blog Nods, Seinfeld.

  1. Just say no to PF!!!! and the Mayflower, I’ll have to check it out, I must be the only one who hasn’t……

  2. Thanks for the nice comments about my blog.
    I have to say that you provide so much fun and laughter for me each and everyday….thanks. Thanks for the kind words on my last post….they mean a lot to me.

  3. My top entry “hit” for the longest time was this post where I referenced Hello Kitty and nipples in the same sentence. Lots of freaks were hittin’ in on that one so I removed the key words and they all went away. You are probably getting the same phenomenon with the Mayflower keyword minus the freaks. Unless they are searching for “Mayflower” and “17th Century wenches” which is entirely possible.

  4. 30-something? Um, no. Try late 20s. Very late 20s. OK, latest possible 20s. Thanks for the link.

    I find it amusing that you have me listed in your links along with A.A. But I suppose that’s just amusing as the fact that I live less than a mile from Dr. Bob’s house.

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