This is the sock, The Strassburg Sock. That will save my foot. 4 in the morning. The Scholarship 5k in Pleasanton on Saturday. I’m scared because now I really want to run the Half.

We’ve decided to get tattoos after the Half, so I’m taking suggestions now. What should I get?

That’s my dog Chet. I’m just waiting for me kids to fall asleep, and oh my, my calf isn’t really that big, is it?

4 thoughts on “The sock & Tattoos

  1. Hey, good to talk to you yesterday. I will blog later, off to my one day at work!! You look like a nurse in that sock!

  2. That thing looks scary but hey whatever works LOL

    Hmmmmm I don’t know?!? It depends on what you like, what you’re looking for?!? Do you want something in terms of running related?!? Details details details! LOL

  3. That’s a sock? Scary.

    No tats here, sorry, can’t help in that department. I’ve seen some for marathons, like 26.2 ankle ones, but I really don’t pay that much attention to other girls parts, if you know what I mean.

    I did see a girl in an elevator recently that had a paw print tattooed on the top of her foot, what was that about?

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