My doctor told me that I am to walk tomorrow.  Walk.  Normally, I would have thought, “Hey alright.  I don’t have to run.”  Me?  I’m restless, irritable and discontented at the thought of walking for 30 minutes.  On a treadmill.

Oddly, my foot feels much better, which of course says to me that I must run.  It was hard watching Kim take off Tuesday morning for our 4 miler, while I went on the recumbant (sp?) bike at the gym.  I literally had my eyes closed and was practically snoring after 30 minutes.  I burned 37 calories.  Yeah, it was a hoot.

5K on Saturday, and dang it’s getting cold here in CA.  80 today tops, breezy and chilly.  It’s 63 now.  Time to break out the flannel.

I passed several kids I should have failed this session.  Friday, report cards come out.  I just looked at this one kid, T., and I said, “Don’t you want an A or a B?”  His response? 

Nope, I want the lowest possible grade, and still be able to pass.  I don’t want extra credit.  I don’t want a high GPA.  I want to pass and get the hell outta here.  Don’t trip.”

I’m trippin’.

5 thoughts on “slow ride. take it easy. *yawn*

  1. love the report card comment. kids!! the freaky thing is he will either be super successful someday or be the leader of a gang … cuz he obviously knows what he wants. 🙂

    sorry to hear about the foot, that not running thing when your training is the shit’s.

    umm…63 degrees is awesome! put that flannel back and get those shorts on. 🙂

  2. Oh you totally crack me up…reminds me of my days teaching HS. Thanks for the Yoga tip….that guy actually was the one on the AM yoga video. These AM/PM are good for stretching but kinda boring. I’ll have to check out his power yoga! Fantastic!

  3. Your weather sounds like mine, 58 this morning, 80 tops today, I’m wearing fleece pants and a long sleeve top now, brrr!!

    Don’t trip, my new saying! You crack me up.

    The 5K is just around the bend, GOOD LUCK, you will PR, I just know it!

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