Miss America:  Blog Style:

For Runner’s Lounge, Take It And Run Thursday:  My favorite Blogs. 

The Miss Congeniality Award recognizes those who are the most friendly and make the pageant experience the most enjoyable.

  • Marcy.  Who else?  Marcy is the one that I can expect will always comment, welcome, befriend and be hospitable to new and old bloggers alike.  Wherever you go, there she is.  She is the Zen of the Blogging World.  I bow, Namaste.My Photo

The Mr. Photogenic prize was first awarded 1965 and was chosen by journalists until 1996, when it was chosen by an internet vote for the first time.

  • Nitmos.  Okay girls.  Stop.  He’s married, and happily.  But hey, just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.  Wait.  That’s for men.  Okay.  I’m gonna say it.  The guy is hot, and not because he’s adorable.  It’s because he has a command of the English language that makes old English teachers swoon.  The boy can write.  A most supportive runner, as well.My Photo

Best State Costume.

  • Razzdoodle.  Red, Red, Red.  You’d think there were other teams besides the Huskers of Nebraska.  Red shirt, Red everything.  Football is king.  I can count on Razzdoodle to always be Husker Husker Husker…and a great runner.  One of the first to welcome me.  And, it’s all about me

.Is it weird that I put his picture in?  Is it?  I’m not a stalker, really.

Most Beautiful Eyes. 

  • Frayed LacesOkay.  I say this with a nod to Seinfeld, in The JacketGEORGE: (Nods) Can I say one thing to you? And I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality…But, I think this girl is really pretty.  And young.  And I’m jealous of the youth.  Just a bit.  And I’m jealous that she can Karaoke and run a marathon in the same week.  Yes, it’s Frayed Laces. 

My Photo

Best in Swimsuit Awards:

  • You know him as ViperMy PhotoThat does look like a swimsuit, right?  I mean a swimsuit from like, the year 2525.   Viper is my new favorite blogger ***swoon*** because, yeah, he’s like totally popular and everything!  Lives somewhere in the Midwest.  Near the Home of AA.  Go figure.  A great runner.  Has a way with words.  Totally abusive.

Ms. V’s Runners Up:  Take your twirl.  ***Note, everyone, I mean everyone loves these bloggers above…but what about the not so eminent bloggers?  Here are some that I have on my 61 blogs in Bloglines:

  1. Running on Empty.  Patriot.  Kansas.  You get my drift.
  2. Running for my Life.  Proving you can run through anything.
  3. Taylor Mali.  Okay, he’s a poet, not a runner.  But, he continues to inspire me to run AND teach.  It’s a shameless plug for my career, which on most days I question.  But watch, then go hug a teacher.  Or send me some cash.  Whatever.  I link this, like three times a year…because, it’s so true.  Really, it is.

My students complained today: 

We never have finals!!!  Why you hatin’ on us???  I’m like shut the hell up, and do it already. 

You should have seen them in the Conscious Relaxation portion of Yoga today.  Beautiful children.  And, I passed every last one of them.  I did.

13 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Awwhhh you’re so sweet! Is this your nice way of saying I’m the best stalker? 😉 LOL Can I do my pageant wave now?

  2. a) you’re too good to me.
    b) Nitmos is hot? When the hell did this happen? Have all womankind’s standards been lowered that much?

  3. Wow, I made your runners up list, I’m honored.

    I too think Nitmos is adorable…. you know, his writing I mean.

  4. thanks for stopping by!!!! love finding other cali runners! good luck at the 5k this weekend! i am doing one in sf on sunday.

  5. Wow, I’m blushing. This just tells me I must take a picture better than I appear live. So no one can see me now. I hate to disappoint. My nickname isn’t Mr. Picasso for nothing.

    Sorry, I can’t even pretend. It’s totally true. I’m beautiful.

  6. I’ve never even been to that part of the country. Wait. I’ve been to Akron. Not near Erie though, is it? Nitmos, all the runners love ya, I just had to get in line.

    That’s true for all my pageant winners, though. I’m just one of your adoring masses.

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