The Pleasanton 5K is tomorrow.  I haven’t run since Sunday’s 6 miler, due to my PF.  Good lord, I got lazy. 

The description of the course from their website:

Additional Information

A fun trail course with small rolling hills in the back trails of Shadow CliffsRegional Park. Can’t wait to see what that REALLY means.


A 45 minute trip.  Hope I finish.

On another note, the 10K Riverbank Wine & Cheese run is in 3 weeks.  I’m offering my students Independent Study credits if they train and run it with me.  Three weeks.  Yeah, that will be worth 2.5 credits.  🙂

Next topic:  My search engine terms.  Along with my Mayflower post, these are the terms used EVERY DAY in searching.  This is hilarious.  WTH is going on here?  I know I’m the Mayflower Madam and all, but why my blog would pop up under this topic continues to amaze me.


Search Views
13 colonies map 5 More stats
13 colonies 4 More stats
the 13 colonies 2 More stats


Search Views
13 colonies blank map 4 More stats
the 13 colonies 3 More stats
13 colonies 2 More stats
blank map 13 colonies 2 More stats
13 colonies map 2 More stats
map of 13 colonies 1 More stats
blank map of 13 colonies

2 thoughts on “5K Scholarship Run Tomorrow

  1. This whole search engine thing is cracking me up. Good luck this weekend. Let me know how you did.

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