Here is the schwag that was given to us for today’s 5K in Pleasanton.  More on that in a minute.  Look at the bizarre group of stuff we got:  Mango Lime seasoning, Tomato Sauce…but look closely.

Yes, that’s Turkey Gravy.  Kim got Pork Gravy.  My God, man.  This is California.  We gave up gravy in the 90s.  WTH? 

Here’s my stuff all ready for the race this morning.

  • Requisite Dodger rally cap (do not, I repeat, do not wear this anywhere near the Bay Area.)  Yes, I got a few comments, especially after last night’s game.
  • Shuffle
  • Fresno State Bulldog Tee
  • Chapstick, Cheap Watch

Race Report:  It was whack.

  • 33:58 for a 5K. 
  • I finally caught my breath at 17:00 minutes.  It was hard. 
  • The series of rolling hills?  No.  The whole course was hills.  There were no *series* involved.
  • It was a trail run, but tons of rocks.
  • No mile markers.  Water after the first hill.  Odd.

Actually, I was happy to finish, after not running all week with the PF.  I knew my time would be bad, that I would be lucky to be under 12:00, because seriously, it was all hills.  I counted 12.

We met a guy who is also doing Riverbank in a few weeks, and he was really good.  We told him about our Hal training, and he said that we’d better step it up.  That we need longer runs.

Fresno.  He said, that’s the one to do this year…The inagural marathon.  We’re psyched.

Fresno State wins tonight and OMG did you see the bobble in the endzone?  Now if only the Dodgers were victorious.

…off to roll my foot on the ice bottle.

10 thoughts on “At least we have gravy!

  1. OMFG HAHAHHAHAHAAAAA When I first looked at the pic without reading the post I thought “She went grocery shopping?” HAHAHAHAHAAAA

    Great job chica!!

  2. That is one strange goody bag. Maybe you are supposed to make thanksgiving dinner with it! Did they use the food pantry’s discards?

  3. Hills? Don’t you just hate it when they say stuff like rolling hills and it’s like mountains? Hate em! I think you did great for not running all week. How did you carry all that stuff, and gravy too? Free is free!

    Is that a bottle of Cytomax I see? LOVE IT! It’s my new favorite, no stomach upset at all! I add 1/2 water to it, sometimes too sweet, but it is my new running drink!

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