What Are The Stages of Grief?

Here are the identified five stages that a person with Plantar Fasciitis experiences when informed of their prognosis.

  • Denial (this isn’t happening to me!)  I have finally found an exercise plan that really works for me.  It helps keep my weight in check.  I feel powerful when I run.  When I finish.  When I went shoe shopping this last time, the guy at Fleet Feet *mentioned* that he thinks I might have Plantar Fasciitis.  I had never even heard about it.  Actually, I thought how COOL I have a runner’s injury that is TREATABLE, and will go away soon!
  • Anger (why is this happening to me?)  What’s that you say doc?  I’m supposed to NOT run last week.  “Yes, you can get as much aerobic benefit from walking as running.”   Really?  Really?  You are so full of shit!  You canNOT get the same, otherwise, we’d all be walking.  And, um.  We’re not.  I’m so mad.  I buy a Strassberg Sock.  I wear it faithfully!  I roll my foot back and forth on an ice bottle.  I take Alleve religiously!  WHY WHY WHY?
  • Bargaining (I promise I’ll be a better person if…)  Okay, look.  If I walk this week, I can train as if this is all a dream, right?  I have the Fresno Half Marathon in November!  It’s the INAGURAL Marathon!!! PLUS!!!  The Two Cities Marathon has been added to the popular 7th annual Trail of 2 Cities Half Marathon and both are true World Class Events! This event has it all! Boston qualifier, prize money, finisher’s sweatshirt, brilliant autumn foliage, hot breakfast and the signature ice cream sundae!   Okay, if I don’t have the sundae, I will promise I will be good.  PLEASE!
  • Depression (I don’t care anymore) (Two nights ago).  I lay in my bed.  Tears streaming down my face.  I know I have to meet Kim in the morning for 4.5.  I can’t do it.  I can’t even walk.  I can’t have the MRI, because, God knows, I FREAK OUT in those tubes.  What will happen to me?  I have to run!  I don’t care.  If I can’t run, I’ll eat.  But OMG I’ll be back in the same boat.  This is so sad sad sad!!!  I’m getting a divorce, and running was SAVING MY EMOTIONAL ASS!  What will I do???
  • Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever comes) I meet Kim at 5am in front of my house.  I limp to our starting place, 1/4 mile from my house.  I tell her I can’t.  That I may have to give it up.  I map out her 4.5, and tell her I’ll be waiting for her at the bottom of the catwalk.  That I’ll walk.  I will.   She takes off.  I look up and yell, “KIM!”  She has her iPod on…she doesn’t hear me.   I RUN ANYWAY.

7 thoughts on “Stages of Grief

  1. Awww! My heart goes out to you, chicka babe. If I could do something to take away the emotional and physical pain, I so would! I have been on the injury sidelines and it SUCKS! But listen, don’t push it. I know we’re runners and we go crazy if we can’t run, but if doc says no running….NO RUNNING! Just think of it this way: for every day you prematurely run now, it could mean a week more of recovery. Rest up and you will heal!

    And yes, with the shirts: you send a race you ran (but already ran before so have a shirt from previous year) to a buddy who didn’t run that race, and vice-versa. So yeah, you’re wearing a shirt from a race you didn’t actually run, but since you sent the shirt from a race you ran to the other person, it balances out (and makes an interesting story when someone says: hey, cool shirt!)

  2. Man, I’m emotionally exhausted reading this. I hope it turns around for you. Sometimes ti seems bleak and then – voila! – the amazing human body kicks in and heals quickly. Hope for that! And stay positive.

  3. i hope you heal up VERY soon!!!! it sucks to be injured but you dont want to make it worse and be out for even longer! take it easy and get better!

  4. DABDA, I really thought you were spelling out a word!

    Keep on doing what you have been doing….but no running! With that being said “how did the run go this morning?” This group of running bloggers have been doing this a lot longer than you and I so heed their advice and let your heal get better. If you aren’t able to run your half their will be another one or even walk run it! Don’t risk more injury or a long term problem for this one race.

  5. Awwwhhhhh man chica!! Oy. NO RUNNING! I know, know, know it stinks . . .but don’t do it 😉 Hopefully you heal up right quick in the meantime!

  6. You ran anyway?? How did it go? Here’s another question, I thought PF was an over training injury, I’ve been reading your blog, you haven’t been over training, what gives? Or maybe not, maybe it’s something else, I just know a lot of people in the running community around here have PF and they are all BIG runners, meaning LOTS of miles, a lot more than you or I have been running and a lot faster too. Are you sure? Listen to me jabber on and on, I’m you, second guessing….

    Earlier this year I had some arch pain right before my first marathon and my doc said PF, I said BS do something, he did, a big fat steroid shot in the arch of my foot, HOLY COW! It hurt like hell, but I ran that marathon and never had that pain again… Oh, I did the roll the foot on the bottle of ice thing though.

    Bottom line, don’t overdo it, you could sideline yourself for a lot longer, take it easy, if it hurts, don’t run.

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