**Title from this song:

Date: 9/28/2008 6:00 AM
Type: Hill
Course: 7 Half Training
Distance: 6.72 miles
Duration: 1:17:00
Pace: 11:28 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Statistics: Calories: 935
VO2 Max: 26.5

This week, I biked (stupid stationary bike), and did the elliptical trainer (stupid boring elliptical trainer), and I lifted weights (weakling!)…but I ran/walked on Tuesday.  So, really my aerobic conditioning was fine.  I was ready for today, IF my foot cooperated.

Kim came at 6, and we walked to our starting place.  I kept saying, “I can’t run.  It’s stupid to run.  I’m going to walk you to the start.”  And, we talked about the route.  We had to do 7, but since I wasn’t planning on running, we didn’t have a plan.  I’m like, whatever, run 70 minutes.  😦

So, I just looked at her and said, “You gotta go.”…and then, I ran with her.  I felt fine.  Amazing, actually.  1 Bathroom stop, 1 kneeling at a sprinkler to gulp in water at mile 4, and 2 hills later…(we actually changed the route up at the last minute to add an extra mile)…We finished.

I listened to sound advice, and didn’t go in my spa right away.  I got my ice bottle, and babied my foot. 

I put up some Creedence Clearwater Revival, because when this song comes on, I smile.  There I was at mile 2, realizing that I am running.  I am.  I’m sure my children will be happy that my sour mood has lifted.  Here are some random thoughts as I went along the road. 

[As I look at my thoughts today, I realize I only read Marathon-type-people’s blogs, and I really am out of my league.  What I need to do is read some SLACKERS’ BLOGS, so I will feel like I’m in my own group.  Really, these people are like, “Yeah, my long run is 18 miles tonight…”, I’m like what EVER!~  So, you see, these folk really do get under my skin and in my brain.  Which may account for the fact that I just ran 7 miles.] 

  • Isn’t Viper running the Akron Marathon today? 
  • Frayed Laces told me to rest.  I did.  That’s over.
  • I can’t say ‘Drop an e’.  It’s our nickname for Ethan, Kim’s son. 
  • Ice Cream.  I had Cold Stone last night.  I vow no more until The Signature Ice Cream Sundae after the Half.  My vow, and my commitment.
  • There’s a sprinkler.  I’m stopping.  It’s mile 4.  (Kneeling down on one knee, water spraying in my face, everywhere, I get maybe a teaspoon full. It was enough.)
  • Did Fresno State win?
  • Will the Dodgers really do it, or will they have major suckage?  How did they do against The Hated Ones last night?
  • I hope Glenn can get me some tickets to the playoffs.
  • Which one is Teacherwoman?  Is it Arkansas Runner Girl, or is it Dare to Tri?  Did Arkansas Runner Girl really do a 20K in the same time I’m doing a 7 mile run?  Yes.  Yes she did.  Which one is moving?  Which one moved.  I think it’s Junk Miles.
  • It’s our one year anniversary of running on Halloween.  We are in the process of naming our “team” of 2.  The Ripon Running Club is boring.  Ripon River Rats sounds like Sacramento.  River Road Runners.  Maybe.  In any event, we need a team name.
  • Husker Running, Adventure Seeker, Teacherwoman, Frayed Laces.  Women.  We support each other.  They gave me great advice this week.  (Thank you, really.)

Getting my things together.  Onward to training…

10 thoughts on “**Hope you got your things together.

  1. Me, not moving again, just moved in June. Happy to know you were thinking about me though (blush).

    You ran! Just say no to PF and ice that foot!

  2. Nice run, but you need to take care of yourself.
    I am not one to really talk, however, I often hear that saying “do as I say, not as I do”. Anyway, glad you are getting back on the road.

  3. What I hear you saying is you need me to start a running blog.

    Nothing would make you feel better about your running than MizFits repeated aborted attempts!

  4. ha ha- yep I moved 🙂 And moved again! And now I’m done. And I don’t run marathons – I signed up for one, paid for it, and am not doing it. I’m a total slacker – although I did get out of bed this morning and go to the gym before work!! Whoo hoo – victory for both of us!!

    And, I LOVE that you drank out of a sprinkler!

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